Christmas is fast approaching and if you are a fan of Connie and Fish then you know that Christmas is one of Connie's favorite things of all time.

Several months ago, Connie called in to the show and shared with the Click of Six that she has stage 4 incurable liver cancer.  And ever since she shared her cancer diagnosis, people have been asking us where they can send her messages.

So, we figured since it was National Christmas Card Day (December 9th), we would ask you awesome members of the Click of Six to send Connie a Christmas card!  All you have to do is pick out a Christmas card, write a little note in it and send it to our offices:

Connie Kellie
37 Ottawa Ave NW
Suite 500
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

We will take all of the cards that get sent and drop them off for Connie on the week of Christmas.  We ask that you try to get the cards sent by December 18th so we have time to gather them all up and drop them off for Connie in time for Christmas.

Thank you for thinking of Connie and Merry Christmas!

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