Today Connie called in to the show and shared some news that no one wanted to hear.  Connie's cancer diagnosis is incurable stage 4 liver cancer.

The news came as a shock because the doctors told her that the liver cancer she has is extremely rare and usually only found in people who are much older. Connie's liver is enlarged and the cancer has spread from the liver to the blood vessels surrounding it, making a transplant and surgery impossible.

Connie shared with us that she will start treatment plan soon and that will basically be immunotherapy to slow the spread of the cancer.  The treatment isn't designed to cure the cancer, but instead is to make her feel better.

That's just a brief synopsis of what she told us during the 15 minute call, which you can listen to below.

And know that Connie is extremely grateful for everyone who has sent their love, thoughts, and prayers.  There are tons of people who have been reaching out and it's hard for Connie to respond to everyone but she is reading everything that is sent to her, so just know that your message will make it to her, but you might not receive one back right away.

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