This is  my big shopping day... avoid the crowds, traffic, and cold weather!  Shop from the convenience of you your own home.  Don't feel overwhelmed by all of the deals on the world wide web, I have compiled a bit of a guide to make shopping a little easier.

Cyber Monday - Home-base

Welcome to your home-base, websites for when you don't have a specific gift in mind and just need a place to start looking at all the deals that you could potentially partake in. is a good starting point for your Cyber Monday explorations.  The website is broken up into 3 major sections.  It has a large list of individual deals from major retailers and online retailers. Second, the site has featured retailers at the top of the page (the retailers probably pay to be placed here).  And finally the site has a section that will break down the deals by different genres; electronics, jewelry, toys, etc.  This site should be one of your home-base sites. is one of the better sites that gathers all the deals for your consumption.  It is very easy to navigate and is constantly updated with the 'Deal of the Hour'.  All of the major retailers have deals featured right near the top of the page.  As you scroll down you can look at the deals by genre or at the bottom of the page you can find the 'Top 10 Hottest Product Deals'.

Cyber Monday - Safe Bets is a one stop shop for some great deals on almost anything you can think of!  The best part about their Cyber Monday section is the 'Lightning Deals' feature.  These are sales that last for about an hour, are limited quantity and usually around 50% off! Keep checking back on this every all day and you could find exactly what you are looking for, at an unbeatable price.

One of the best deals I found on Amazon is this: VIZIO SV470M 47-inch 1080p LCD HDTV with 120 Hz Smooth Motion for $599.99 - This is a 47", really good quality name brand TV at a 40% discount!  So in summation, is a must click on your Cyber Monday shopping spree. is another safe bet for excellent deals today.  Overstock already has discount prices on almost everything they offer, and today the discounts go even deeper.  The cool thing about Overstock is a little button by all of the items they sell.  It reads 'similar' and if you click on it, it will bring up competitor's prices for the same item.  Pretty cool feature, it actually works too!  I found several items with the similar button that were cheaper on competitor's sites.  Good job Overstock... Keeping it honest on Cyber Monday!

Well I hope this guide helps a little bit when you dive into the online shopping world while you are at work today!  Happy Cyber Monday!