There are a ton of advantages when it comes to renting. No property taxes, you're not responsible for those huge repairs, and you have the freedom to pack up and leave without the pressure of selling your home. But, that doesn't mean renting doesn't come with it's own concerns- like the rising cost of rent in Michigan.


When your lease renewal comes around, you always hope that your landlord will be reasonable and try to keep it to the fair market price. With the cost of everything going up, and the demand for rental properties joining it, a lot of landlords are choosing violence and trying to cash in while they can.

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So, is there a limit of how high your landlord can raise your rent? In Michigan, unfortunately you're at their mercy. According to Michigan law, landlords are allowed to raise rent as much as they would like as long as it is not discriminatory or retaliatory. And currently, there are no state-mandated limits on rent increases, so it is up to the landlord to decide what you should be paying month to month.

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While raising rent prices too high for the area could leave their property vacant, many landlords don't care and will happily price you out of a unit if they think they can find someone willing to pay the price. However, they cannot raise your rent mid-lease, so at least you have some time to prepare for that hike coming your way.

Hopefully with the price of everything getting sky high, someone in the Michigan legislature will do something about it. But for now- you're at the mercy of your landlord. (Hopefully they're kind.)

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