The Powerball jackpot is still up for grabs, and currently it's sitting at a cool $1.3 billion. It's hard to fathom what that kind of money would be able to buy you (other than EVERYTHING), so we decided to break it down into something that makes it a little more understandable -- Yesterdog Ultradogs.

The fan favorite served at Grand Rapids' iconic hot dog joint comes with chili, cheese, onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard and will cost you $2.70 a piece. So, how many could you buy with your Powerball winnings?


That's right. If you win the Powerball on Wednesday and decide to spend your winnings on nothing other than delicious Ultradogs, you'll be able to buy over 481 million of them!*

You'd have to bring friends with you every time you went, though. Because even if you ate two Ultradogs for every meal every day, you'd have to eat that way for almost 220,000 years before all of your money was gone. Maybe splurge for a drink and some chips every once in awhile.

*Yes, we know, after taxes you will not get the full $1.3 billion. We are not scientists or mathematicians, we just really like hot dogs.


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