Christmas lights are everywhere and we've been telling you about some of the biggest displays.  There's the huge display at a Spring Lake home. There's also a massive drive-through display at Fifth Third Ballpark.

But a couple of displays in Georgetown Township near Hudsonville have taken a slightly different twist.

Two brothers, who live on the same cul-de-sac, have developed a friendly rivalry by trying to out-do each other with their Christmas lights. 

Many drive by to admire the lights and brothers Scott and Todd Tuttle have taken this opportunity to help raise money for charity.

WZZM explains:

Visitors who drive by the displays are encouraged to donate money.  All of the proceeds go to several groups and charities, including Hudsonville Christian School, and the 20 Liters Water Project, through Mars Hill Bible Church.

"We have a donation box, we take checks, we don't take anything out of the donations for the show, or electrical, it all goes straight to charity," added Scott Tuttle.

The displays are located on Sun Meadow Lane in Georgetown Township near Hudsonville.

Let's hope the Tuttles don't choose settle this rivalry by arm wrestling, but instead continue adding lights to their homes until they can be seen from the International Space Station.