You know, I'm pretty glad that I have a chance to write a blog that involves the name Ray Rice that doesn't make me angry. This is actually kind of a feel good story.

Friday, hundreds of Baltimore Ravens fans lined up at M&T Stadium (the home of the Ravens) to exchange their Ray Rice jerseys for a different Ravens jersey.

The Baltimore Ravens offered fans with Ray Rice jerseys the opportunity to trade it in for another jersey if they so chose. The only stipulations were that the jersey had to be an officially licensed Reebok or Nike jersey, fans didn't get to pick the number on their new jersey, and trade-in jerseys are non-returnable.

Those stipulations didn't stop hundreds of people from showing up and waiting in a long, winding line for hours to take the team up on their offer. This is what the line looked like before everything got started at 8 am:

The line reportedly wrapped around about a quarter of the stadium. The big thing I notice, however, is that this line is comprised mostly of men. Men who care. Men who love their team, but will not support a man who they believe to have behaved in a completely unacceptable way. Way to go, guys!

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