Ray Rice

Hundreds Of Ravens Fans Show Up To Turn In Ray Rice Jerseys
You know, I'm pretty glad that I have a chance to write a blog that involves the name Ray Rice that doesn't make me angry. This is actually kind of a feel good story.
Friday, hundreds of Baltimore Ravens fans lined up at M&T Stadium (the home of the Ravens) to exchange their Ray Ric…
Minnesota Vikings Deactivate Adrian Peterson Indefinitely
The Minnesota Vikings have placed Adrian Peterson on the Exempt/Commissioner's Permission list, which will require the star running back to abstain from team activities during the duration of his child-abuse case. The Vikings announced this decision early Wednesday morning.
The Ray Rice Incident Is Making Me Rethink My Football Fandom
I'm a football fan. First and foremost, I'm a Detroit Lions fan, but thanks to several years of playing fantasy football, I've become a fan of the game in general and even have favorite players on other teams (except the Bears and the Packers, because screw those guys). Sundays at our house are rauc…
Janay Palmer Rice, Ray Rice's Wife, Defends Her Husband
Janay Palmer Rice, the wife of embattled Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, came to his defense via an Instagram post and blamed the news media for destroying their lives.
Rice's contract was terminated by the Ravens and the NFL suspended him indefinitely after TMZ Sports posted a video from the…
Ray Rice Is A Criminal & I’m Scared For His Wife
The mind of an abused woman is one that no one will ever completely understand. Unless they've been in that situation. And the reasons that these women stay with the men who have hurt them vary.
Janay Palmer is in an abusive relationship. I see it on her face in pictures and after seeing the video fo…