It doesn't sound like much of a party but it was because we had PARTY CAKE BAGELS! No, it isn't something I just made up or concocted on my own. Party Cake Bagels are a real thing.

When I went grocery shopping last week, I was in the bread aisle and then something caught my attention... a new limited edition bagel flavor: Party Cake Mini Bagels by Thomas. WHAT?! THIS IS A THING?! What a weird flavor for a bagel. But it intrigued me enough to buy them and bring them to work so Rob & I could taste them on camera cuz that's what we do.

Since it was my birthday last Wednesday and these were birthday cake bagels it was only right to make this video on my birthday.

Both Rob & I thought these were going to be disgusting but much to our surprise they weren't. They were actually really good and did taste like cake. If you decide to give these bagels a try I recommend you put them in the toaster and put butter on them. Mmmm. Or try them with cream cheese. Either way, it's worth trying since they're only available for a limited time!

You can see the video above and how Rob almost died thinking he ate butter (he's an alien lactose intolerant).