It's absolutely NO secret that I am addicted to the best soap opera in the world, General Hospital. Actually addiction might be an understatement.

I'm Christine and I'm a General Hospital fanatic... and I have no shame.

So much so that not once but TWICE now I've traveled to meet some of the cast from my favorite show. In October of last year, I drove to a nearby town in Chicago for a "General Hospital Fantasy Weekend" and it was the best day ever. This past weekend, the cast was in Detroit so once again I bought a $250 VIP ticket, which allowed you a two-hour meet and greet, pictures and autographs with the actors, and then prime seating during the Q&A session.

$250 may sound a little nutty but it was SO WORTH IT because this was definitely the best day of my life! I had the opportunity of meeting some of the same actors that I met in October once again and it melted my heart when they remembered me. And getting to meet new cast members was just as exciting.

I even won their social media contest so I got to go on stage and spin their prize wheel, which unfortunately I wasn't able to take one of the men from GH home but I did win a caricature drawing of the whole cast so there's that.

I can't reiterate how amazing these people are. They are so humble, friendly and just as appreciative of their fans as we are for them and what they do on a daily basis. It makes the experience that much better and proves why I will be a LIFELONG General Hospital fan. Oh yea, and if you thought they were good looking on TV they're even better looking person... too much sexiness to handle!

Currently, I'm still living in a dream world and you can bet that this won't be my last "Fantasy Weekend" event. I will do this until I'm a little old lady, even if someone has to wheel me there. I'm holding out hope that eventually the more I go to these events they'll ask me to do a walk-on role on the show *fingers crossed* Then all my *fantasies* really would come true.