What would happen if you went to a town and took out all of the women, leaving the men to fend for themselves, their businesses, and their children? Well, we're about to find out with a new show on Lifetime called The Week The Women Went. This show, I think, will end up being one of my favorites. See why after the jump.Now, I'm not saying that men are completely useless, because they aren't. In fact, in my house, I wouldn't be able to live without my boyfriend around (if you recall, I don't really cook). But, can you imagine a world in which the men had to take care of everything? Running a business, doing their laundry, and caring for the kids 24-7? I'm sure that's a terrifying thought for any guy, even if it is just for a week. Check out the preview for the show in the video below.

The Week The Women Went premieres Tuesday night at 10pm on Lifetime.