"The Kinsey Lane"at Stella's [Christine George/Townsquare Media][/caption] 

Only 2 days left until public voting closes for Grandwich 2016 and Stella's Lounge is one of the participating restaurants.

Last night, I tried their Grandwich entry "The Kinsey Lane." On the website the sandwich is described as:

Thinly sliced rosemary roasted rib eye steak with a parmesan horseradish aioli topped with arugula, tomato-basil chutney, pickled red onions all between 2 slices of garlic toasted ciabatta bread."

The Kinsy Lane was super flavorful and not messy to eat. It was almost refreshing with the different flavors in one. The rib eye steak is cut into the perfect thin slice and very tasty just on its own. Other than the steak, my favorite part of the sandwich was the pickled red onions.  I don't eat much red onions because it tends to be overwhelming but that's not the case with these pickled ones. It didn't have that "oniony taste" and I found myself picking them out of the sandwich and eating them on its own.

The horseradish aioli was the only questionable thing for me, but full disclosure I'm usually not a horseradish fan so I may be a little bias. However, if you like horseradish than you will definitely like it as an aioli because it gave that "cream, mayo-like" texture that the sandwich needed. But obviously it didn't bother me too much because I ate the whole thing!

Finally, although delicious, the bread was a little hard/crispy to easily bite into. But in a way that might be a good thing because it helped me pace myself instead of scarfing it all down at once.

Everything on this sandwich came together just right for me. I actually can say I had fun eating this sandwich. Oh yea, and crack fries!

Public voting closes the 22nd make sure to get your vote in here.