I just moved to Grand Rapids a little over a month ago, but I'm truly impressed with our GRPD and how interactive they are with the community. Since I've been here, Officer Ickes has made a few of my posts, first when he spent a few minutes showing 5 year old Travis his 'real' police car and then during the giant light saber fight we had downtown a couple weeks ago.

Now, Officer Ickes has been highlighted on Fox 17 and tells us that he's not the only officer that's had some special moments with kids in the community. He also mentioned this post with Officer Noles:

Officer Ickes isn't the only one on the police force taking time to have a positive impact on the neighborhoods they're patrolling. Ickes told Fox 17:

"We're here to help people and we have a good time," said Ickes. "There's a serious time when we have to be serious, but most of us out here are lighthearted and have a good time interacting with people and have a lot of fun."

I love that, and only adds to the vibe of this area that I've already fallen in love with!