If you're one of those people that's all about work and no play it's time to add some relaxation to your life.

New research from Project: Time Off found that Americans are using a lower share of vacation time and the main reason is because of technological advancements in the workplace.

...suggesting that connectivity has intensified Americans' attachment to work and reduced their ability to break free of the office."

55% of Americans didn't use their vacation time in 2015 which amounts to 658 million unused vacation days... a new record! As you can see in the chart below, that's $65 billion in lost wages!

However, if you think that not taking time off work makes you look better or will help your career... it's the opposite. The survey found that if you take at least 11 vacation days a year were more likely to get a raise or bonus compared to someone who took 10 or less.

The reason most people aren't taking their vacation time is because they don't want to come back to the pile of work waiting for them (37%). Other reasons include no one else could do their job and they cant afford a vacation.

A way to make sure you are taking your vacation is by planning ahead. More than half of people who planned ahead used their earned vacation days compared to non-planners.

(PRNewsFoto/Project: Time Off)