Well it's been a little bit since my last Internet Gold post, but it's back and BETTER THAN EVER!  This week's Internet Gold is focused on saving you some money, and perhaps even letting you earn a few bucks here and there.  So, let's get right to it!  Click 'READ MORE' to start the savings!


Let's start with a really cool website I stumbled across recently.  It is called Fiverr.com and it can earn you a some spending cash here and there.  The basic idea behind the website is buying and selling services for, you guessed it, $5.

So here is an example of what types of services people are offering... "I will do a 30 sec audio voice commercial for $5" or "I will promote your business on my twitter to over 14,300 real followers for $5" or "I will do a detailed Numerology Reading for $5".

I have noticed that many people on the site are asking for help with either graphics, drawings, websites, video/audio editing.  So if you have any technical expertise in any of those areas, then this is a great website to earn a few extra dollars with some freelance work.


ChaCha.com is one of those text based search engines services.  You know those commercials: "Need an answer?  Text your question to 342-342."  I always thought that these services were automated, but it turns out that there are real people answering the questions.  And theses real people making money for each question answered!

That is the reason why I am featuring ChaCha.com in this edition of 'Internet Gold'...  With the help of ChaChas' automated system you can help answer questions and make a few bucks here and there while you do it.


The last site to be featured is GasBuddy.com, which is pretty much what you think it is.  It is a comprehensive website that lists gas prices nationwide.  So before you go out to run those errands and fill up your tank, check out this site to find which gas station in town is offering fuel at the lowest price.  Gas Buddy will also give you a heads up when gas prices are about to rise.

Be sure to bookmark Gas Buddy so you can stay on top of rising gas prices.

Well that is it for this edition of 'Internet Gold'.  I hope I made or saved you some cash!