It's that time of the week again!  Time for me to bestow upon thee some more Internet Gold!  This edition has some humor, some obscure webpages, and some statistics for your edification.  Well lets get started... HERE... IS... YOUR... INTERNET GOLD!

The Onion

First lets get into the humor.  If you are a fan of the Daily Show, Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, or The Colbert Report; then The Onion is your new favorite website!

The Onion is a little bit different than the previously mentioned shows.  Instead of giving funny commentary on real news stories like The Daily Show or SNL does, The Onion creates their own brand of bizarre news.  All of the stories are fictional, yet some feel as though they are real news.  The site isn't limited to print, it also has podcasts and fake video news casts as well.  Here is an example of an Onion video news cast:

Obama Outlines Moral, Philosophical Justifications For Turkey Pardon

Enjoy The Onion!  I know I do!


Ever wonder what websites reside under the last 'O' of 'Google' in the search results?  Well now you have Inframutt, created by Really Magazine, Inframutt is a search engine that highlights the downtrodden and disenfranchised sites of the internet... well OK, not really.  But it does give you a look at the last few Google results in a search, which gives you some interesting results.  Here is how Really Magazine describes its search engine:

It works by pushing up the search engines pages which are already popular and have lots of links to them. Although it is patented, there is and never was absolutely nothing new about it. It is just a computerized feedback version of ‘The rich get richer’ or ‘Nothing succeeds like success’ - which we all know too well.

Check out Inframutt, where you can stumble upon unknown gems such as: Rural Radio 7!  I found this when I searched for 'radio' on Inframutt.  Rural Radio 7 sounds like a great show, here is what is up from tomorrows show on RURAL RADIO:

1. AJ and I talk to Naomi about her smallholding, car boot finds and home education.
2. Mr Thriftys apprentice saves on the heating
3. I give AJ a lesson in goat sniffing...HILARIOUS!
4. Book Reading- The Encyclopedia of Country Living by
5. New competition- win ACL Rural Radio Shows 1,2 & 3 on CD.
6. Geek of the Week- Matt answers a technical question off the ACL forums.
8. Wellys garden tip of the week- and Welly reads it out too! Announcing the ACL Horticultural Show
9. How-To make yogurt in just a few easy steps....
10. Listeners messages- Tracey tells us about National Downshifting Week

Exciting show for Rural Radio!  Let me know if you find some 'Internet Gold' while playing around with Inframutt, I would love to feature some!

Wikipedia Article Traffic Statistics

Lastly on the list this week is a website that tracks the amount of hits per month for Wikipedia articles.  The website is called Wikipedia Article Traffic Statistics.  All you need to do is type in a name of an article on Wikipedia and select which month you want (the date is formatted year then month so October 2010 looks like '201010').  I searched for the number of hits on Grand Rapids' page for October 2010 and found out that it was viewed 4138 times.  Let me know some results for you searches!

Well that wraps up this weeks internet gold, if you missed any other editions check them out below:

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Happy interneting!  Let me know if you find something good!