This weeks Internet Gold will focus on a few cool videos I came across recently.  I love me some viral videos!  But what I like more than that are videos that haven't quite gone viral yet, or better yet, videos that will probably never go viral.  So sit back relax and check out some cool videos.

Finger Fashion-Boarding

Finger Boarding Fashion, photo courtesy of Fubiz

First on my list combines two totally seperate entities... Fingerboarding and Fashion!  (leave it to the French to find new ways to use a Bowler Hat) You can check out the video here.  Never heard of fingerboarding?  It's like skate boarding but with your fingers... duh!  OK, I can explain it a little better than that.  Wikipedia explains fingerboarding as:

A Fingerboard or Finger-Skateboard is a skateboard complete with moving wheels, graphics and trucks.[1] A fingerboard is 96 millimeters long or longer, and can have a variety of widths like 26mm (regular), 28mm (wide), and 29mm and up (extra wide). There are the 57mm minis and the 96mm regular and the cruiser boards. Skateboarding tricks may be performed using fingers instead of feet. Most tricks done on a fingerboard are the same as people do on skateboards. Lance Mountain helped develop fingerboarding as a hobby in the late 1970s and wrote an article on how to make fingerboards in TransWorld's SKATEboarding magazine in 1985.[1] ≥ Although fingerboarding was a novelty for years, they became a collectible toy as skateboard manufacturers realized the potential for product branding and profit starting in the 1990s. Fingerboards are now available as expensive novelty toys as well as high-end collectibles, complete with accessories one would find in use with standard-size skateboards.[2][3][4]

Haha... OK, that was probably a bit excessive but, it was MUCH better than my description, that's for sure!

Rube Goldberg Machine

This next one is pretty cool... I love Rube Goldberg Machine's and this video is the best one I have found.  If you don't know what a Rube Goldberg Machine is, Wikipedia describes it as... Just kidding!  This one I can explain myself.  A Rube Goldberg Machine is a machine that is designed to  perform a simple task, yet it's design is extremely complex and often takes dozens of steps to reach it's goal.

If you know any of other cool videos of Rube Goldberg Machines please post them or let me know where I can find them.

Chaplins Time Traveler

This one is odd... Have a watch and ask yourself what is that device the woman is holding.

That wraps up another edition of Internet Gold!!!  (Announced in a big booming voice)