This week I have an entire series of somewhat 'viral videos', a website that will help you find your own Internet Gold, and a fun Facebook app to sum up your year in social networking!  OK, Let's get right into it.

The Duke Fightmaster Show

I could give you an explanation of this website/show but I think the host, Duke Fightmaster, can do it much better himself.  Here is how he describes his show on

My name is Duke Fightmaster and this is my website.  In November of 2007 I set out to replace Conan O'brien by starting a talk show from my bedroom.  It turns out that starting a talk show to replace Conan O'brien is easier said than done.
Complaints from neighbors got the show kicked out of the bedroom, not paying rent got us kicked out of the Veteran's Hall, having a non drinking audience got us kicked out of the night club, and creative differences led me to have a nervous breakdown and leave the music / TV studio.
Now I'm spending my time focusing on standup comedy and writing a movie script which I plan on making myself.
So that's where I am now.  Feel free to spend time on this site watching the countless hours of where I've been, I promise there's gold in them there episodes!

The whole story behind Duke is quite amazing.  He had a normal 9 to 5 job and then one day just decided that he was going to start a talk show, that eventually would replace the hole that was left behind when Conan O'Brian left his slot for Jay Leno's.  This turned out not to be true and eventually would leave Duke with a foreclosure, maxed out credit cards, and a stressed marriage.  But... the silver lining in this is that Duke didn't hit rock bottom, and he actually created some great homemade shows!

This next website can help you find your own 'Internet Gold' and have that gold be tailored to your interests!  The website is will ask you to chose a topic (you can be as specific as you want or as general as you want) then click 'Start Stumbling'... and you're off!  It will send you to a website that fits the topic that you entered, then you just keep clicking Stumble as you jump from one site to another!  It is a great way to kill time at work and it will definitely lead you to some great content.  In a matter of 3 clicks I found this little gem...

I love this website and have been using it for a few months to kill free time at home or at work (as with everything I post about killing time at work, DON'T TELL MY BOSS!)

Facebook App: My Most Used Words on Facebook

The title is pretty self explanatory... you signup for this app and it produces a list of your most used words on Facebook.  The app uses about 500 of your latest status updates to tally your totals.  So this is a fun little post as the year comes to a close to see what your mood was like for the last few months.  My top words used were:

Dumb: Used 9 times

Quote: Used 8 times

Daft: Used 5 times

Please: Used 5 times

Radio: Used 4 times

Stream: Used 4 times

Time: Used 4 times

Country: Used 4 times

Vote: Used 4 times

Punk: Used 4 times

Baruch: Used 3 times

Does: Used 3 times

'Baruch', in case you were curious, is the begging to a Jewish prayer (I posted it for all my Jewish friends to celebrate Hanukkah, even though I don't know what it means.)

Well I hope you enjoyed this installment of 'Internet Gold'!  As always... Stay tuned for more!