This round of 'Internet Gold' contains several websites that I use pretty regularly to find websites to feature.  You too can find your own 'Internet Gold'!  Click 'read more' for this edition of 'Internet Gold'. is the first site I would like to feature this week.  Fark trolls the web for interesting stories on random local, national, & international news sites, blogs, and social media sites.  Their are some real gems of comedy on this site.  Most of my co-workers will use this site for their show prep before they go on air or blog about stories they find on Fark.  Just to give you an example of what type of content Fark digs up for you, here is a headline:  "Have you ever wanted a device to keep your pants low, but not too low? Have I got very nice news for you"

That story, which Fark highlights, is a story that is titled:

Harlem inventor has an unbelievable answer to a 'sagging' problem

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College Humor is a one stop shop for viral videos before they go viral!  College Humor is set up like a social network, the users add content to the website, so it is constantly updated.  Users can write articles, upload videos, blog, or even link outside content.  This website is definitely 18+ up, no nudity, but it has adult content.    To give you an example of some of the videos I find on the site, here is a pretty funny spoof of the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer clay animation cartoon.

This last website is a true gem... It is completely user controlled content.  This is another 'Caution contains adult content, not nudity, moment'.  Urban Dictionary is exactly what you think it would be, it is an online dictionary... except, users define the words themselves.  Here are a few example:

Emberrorist - a radical who employs the potential to embarass others as a political weapon. Contrary to terrorist who uses fear.

Degifting - 1. A mutual agreement to suspend holiday gifts for at least one season, usually within a single family or circle of friends.
2. The act of replacing useless and pointless merchandise with something more meaningful, such as a charitable donation, service project or holiday party.
3. Wal-Mart's biggest nightmare.

Urban Dictionary Cover-Up - The act of scrambling onto to quickly find out the definition of a word, usually when used over texts or IM. Used to cover up the fact that you did not know the meaning of the word prior to its use.
Commonly abbreviated to UDCU.

So next time you get a text from someone and don't know the slang, now you know where to go to figure it out!

That's it... See ya next week!