Greetings all!  This week I have some cool websites that are off the beaten path but are pretty cool if you enjoy their niche... or if you are looking for a niche to explore!

First on the list of this weeks cool "internety" stuff is  I found this website while I was surfing around looking for satellite imagery of the '2010 Christmas Blizzard' that hit the Northeast a few days ago.  After checking out the video of the blizzard that was posted (Here is a link to said video), I decided to stumble around the rest of the site.  It is pretty amazing, great photographs of stars and planets, informative articles, and awesome videos.  The most recent video posted is of a solar eclipse viewed from space.  Also, I bet that their will be some new videos of winter storms posted real soon after looking at the upcoming weather forecasts for the Midwest and East coast.

Everybody needs a dictionary, even with spell check in our back pockets.  I used to just use, but then I came across  Definr is a MUCH better service!  Quick, streamlined, easy to read, and did I mention quick?  This website is lightning fast.  So ditch the and scoot on over to for a more enjoyable dictionary experience ;)

This next website is really cool for anyone who enjoys a good read.  What Should I Read Next is a simple enough premise, simply enter in a topic that you wish to read about and you will receive a list suggestions.  Or if you just finished enjoying a book and would like a similar one, enter in the book's ISBN number and it will suggest books on similar topics.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks INTERNET GOLD!!