It's 'Internet Gold' time!  This week I have a few viral videos and a cool website.  If you like Homer Simpson... Usher... Patty Cake... Kitty Cats... and Entertaining Your Children... then this weeks 'Internet Gold' is FOR YOU!

Kitty Cat Patty Cake

Oh man, this video is HILARIOUS!  (That is coming from a cat owner)  I wish my cats played patty cake,  all Moochin and Zoey (my cats) know how to do is play scrabble...

This next video was brought to my attention yesterday on Kidd Kraddick in the morning, check it out...

Homer Simpson Vs. Usher

Pretty darn close isn't it?  I would say so.  Christmas in Decemeber WOW WOW WOW!  Gimmie tons of presents NOW NOW NOW!

This website I came across this morning while searching for some gold.  It caught my eye because I love online games and flash animation, has tons of both.  Now I know what you are thinking... 'these games are for children, very young children'.  I am a child at heart though so I can enjoy these things!

The games on are great, they are very simple to play, so you don't even need to help your child play.  Or if you want to sit with them and play their are tons of questions you can ask them pertaining to the games.  Like the game 'Flashing Lights' (a game where you click through several vehicles that have flashing lights; firetruck, police car, etc.) you can ask your child what type of vehicle they are looking at, what color the vehicle is, or what sounds they make.  This website is a great way to spend an hour with your child, it's fun and informative.

Well thats it for this week, stay tuned for next weeks edition of...

internet gold!!