Have we found another Rebecca Black?

An artist by the name of Sarah Brand has gone viral after she debuted the music video to the song titled "Red Dress".

Not only are her vocals pretty bad, but the lyrics to the song are also awful, much like what we heard with the song titled "Friday" by Rebecca Black.

YouTube via Sarah Brand

The theme of the song is "evil vs good" as you will see in the video below. At one point Brand is in a white dress while in church, but then quickly shifts into a red dress.

Now, because this is online and all over social media, I will take this song and performance with a grain of salt.

Did the artist intentionally sing like this, knowing she'd get her name out or is this really how she sings?

YouTube via Sarah Brand

I guess we'll have to wait for Sarah Brand's follow-up to "Red Dress."

Enjoy and turn up the volume.

Here's just a few mentions of Sarah Brand on Twitter since the song debuted on YouTube. I am certain there will be many more to come in the days or weeks ahead.


Oh, and if you forgot how bad Rebbeca Black was, here's the YouTube hit called "Friday" that actually put her on the map in the music world.


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