Yesterday, when I was looking through my Bed Bath & Beyond magazine that I got in the mail something caught my eye... the most ridiculous product I've ever seen being advertised: The Sock Slider.

Christine George/TSM

WTF?! A strange contraption to put my socks on? Why do I need that? Let alone for $20?!! Do that many people struggle putting their socks on?

I've seen some weird "As Seen on TV" products but this has to be one of the weirdest. It's advertised as a way to "Comfortably Put on & Take Off Your Socks".... as opposed to the insufferable pain of putting on your socks...? It seems more uncomfortable having to put my foot through the "slider." Not to mention, more time just to set the whole process up.

I knew such a thing couldn't exist without a cheesy infomercial and over-the-top "acting" to go along with it and sure enough I was right. Check it out below.

Okay, I admit I can see how this would be ideal for someone who just had back surgery  but unless that's your situation, you're pregnant or morbidly obese I don't see how the sock slider can be of any use to anyone; other than humor.

What is the funniest infomercial product you've seen?