A man on Reddit says his daughter is no longer speaking to him after he refused to pay for her $200,000 destination wedding.

"My daughter is getting married, and she wishes to have a destination wedding and [I] told her no. My wife feels I should do it because we can afford it, but I find it to be a pointless showing of wealth," the man wrote on Reddit, explaining his daughter, who lives in New York City, wants to get married in New Zealand.

"Now my daughter is not talking to me, nor is my wife. Which got me thinking ... should I bite the bullet and essentially burn money, and alienate family members to make my daughter's dream wedding a reality?" he asked.

"Yes, I told her I would pay for her wedding, but [I] never agreed to pay for a destination wedding," the frustrated father clarified in an update to his post.

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Users in the comments shared some advice for the dad.

"If she can’t pay for a destination wedding on her own, then she shouldn’t be having a destination wedding. It seems cruel but it’s true. Not to mention there’s so much more money involved with the flights and the hotels and stuff. Is she going to be paying for her own ticket or are you expected to fork out for them too? And her fiancé's ticket?" one person asked.

"Establish the amount of [money] you are willing to provide and give her the budget. Tell her anything above that is on her and her fiancé. Make sure to tell her if that includes travel, etc., for the bridal couple and family members. If she wants a blow-out wedding, she can pay for it," another chimed in.

"$200K for a wedding? God forbid but what if it doesn’t last? Give her a budget and not a penny more," someone else advised.

"It's clear who was spoiled and now thinks she’s entitled to everything she wants at any time. It’s clear from her mum's response who is mostly to blame," another user commented.

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