We all have our strengths and weaknesses. For some, book smarts and being well-spoken come naturally. Others have to work a littler harder at those things. For those of us that are part of the ladder, these are some simple (and genius) ways to appear more intelligent.

Now, you could do some reading to study up on what you want to become an expert on, and that'd be a solid way to up your smarts. These tips though, are some things that you can implement quick. And they help improve your emotional intelligence.

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Whether you're wanting to present your best self in interviews when trying to get that dream job, or you just want to improve your social skills, these things can really help. There is something to be mindful of though.

You don't want to look desperate, or "fake." The goal is to be yourself, but use these tips to help boost your confidence and change the way others perceive you. MoneyTalksNews and Inc.com took deep dives into what makes people seem "smart." From that, we've curated which of those tips you can realistically, and regularly, put into action on every occasion.

10 Hacks to Appear Smarter Than You Really Are

These are some simple (and genius) ways to appear more intelligent.

Gallery Credit: Danielle Kootman

If you're on a job hunt these tips can come in handy. Especially, if you're doing virtual interviews. So try them out for yourself, and see if you have success.

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If you're looking for a best friend with some brains, these canines would be a great match.

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Does your loyal pup's breed make the list? Read on to see if you'll be bragging to the neighbors about your dog's intellectual prowess the next time you take your fur baby out for a walk. Don't worry: Even if your dog's breed doesn't land on the list, that doesn't mean he's not a good boy--some traits simply can't be measured.

Gallery Credit: Sabienna Bowman