Every region of the country has their own taste and flavor when it comes to food. Michigan is no exception with so many different cultures colliding in such a small space.

But there have been some developments in the state that have seemingly stayed within our borders for a reason, and that's because we as Michiganders grew to love them. However, other states and regions weren't so keen on what we had to offer.

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Before I moved to Michigan, I'd never heard of some of these food items, and genuinely would have never thought to combine some of them in this fashion. Regardless, Michigan said "Hold My Craft Beer," and went ahead and did it.

Obviously, there's going to be some Michigan-Famous foods on the list, but some of these might even cross the line for some Michiganders. Nonetheless, these are the Foods and dishes in Michigan that we love to eat, that people from other places might not touch with a 10-foot pole.

Strange Michigan Foods Nobody Else Eats

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Food Chains Based In Michigan

Gallery Credit: Yelp

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