Dave Portnoy, also affectionately called 'Davey Pageviews' and 'El Presidente,' is the mastermind and founder behind Barstool Sports and a pizza enthusiast. His 'One Bite Pizza Reviews' are known for their humor, fun, and bluntness. Born in Massachusetts, Portnoy began attending the University of Michigan in 1995. He cemented a special bond with the state and its pizza at U of M. During his last few visits to the Mitten; he reviewed six pies, including the slice that got him through his college years in Ann Arbor.

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The One Bite Pizza Review began in 2017 with the intention of reviewing every pizza in Manhattan, New York. The original YouTube videos were so popular that he expanded his reach to the rest of the country. Portnoy's reviews have been known to make or break restaurants. He grades on a scale of 1 to 10 and has rarely given a review over a 9.

'One Bite Pizza Review' Latest Trips to Michigan Include Six Pizza Purveyors

Dave Portnoy's Latest Michigan 'One Bite' Reviews
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Among Portnoy's latest Michigan stops was visiting his favorite pie from Ann Arbor, although he had to head to East Lansing to get it. Bell's Greek Pizza's U of M campus location closed, so Portnoy was forced into Spartan Country to sample some memories.

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How did it rate? Read how Bell's and five other Michigan pizza joints in Detroit, Royal Oak, Hazel Park, and Ypsilanti rated.

Dave Portnoy's Latest Michigan 'One Bite' Reviews (2021-2023)

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Have you ever had a slice of pizza that was so delicious, that it reaffirmed your faith in humanity? Knowing that as long as there are simple pleasures, like the feel of a large triangle, dripping with gooey cheese, or holding a dense square of Detroit style and hearing the crunch of the crisp crust. Faith in humanity...restored.

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