You know who likes the sound of crying babies? No one. Not one person on this planet enjoys the shrill sound that is emitted from infants' tiny little lungs when they're hungry, or need to be changed, or something else is wrong with them that they can't tell us because, you know, they're babies.

So why on earth would someone make a baby cry on purpose? And then make a video about it? And then post that video on YouTube? Not only is it a video of a sound that every one in the world hates, it's a video of you looking like a total jerk for making the baby cry in the first place! Check out this jerk after the jump!

Watch as this poor little guy happily plays with a package of baby wipes, only to have his uncle snatch it out of his tiny little hands and throw it across the room. And then start laughing. I hope this guy isn't allowed around kids any more. (Though I will say that the initial pouty-lipped expression on the baby is kind of adorable.)