On Tuesday, I called out a click of six member. Today, I’m calling out Fish & Steve. They’ve been claiming I have no heart. Just like a spider spins its web, Fish & Steve spin my words around. 

I am not a heartless human. I have empathy. I have emotions. I cry. For example:

  • I still remember on my first day of preschool I hid under my bed as if my mom wouldn’t find me. But She did and I cried the whole way there and when we got there.
  • I cried that one time my parents wouldn’t let me skip school during the week to go to Cedar Point with a bunch of other kids who were also skipping school. Ugh, parents can be the worse!
  • I cried through numerous episodes of General Hospital
  • I’ve cried when someone else has finished all the leftovers.
  • I cried when I lost my Tiffany ring
  • I’ve even cried just watching my cat, Harlee, nap because she brings me so much joy.
  • Another childhood memory, I was about 5-7 years old and I cried when I woke up on Christmas and didn’t see a Barbie Dream House like I expected. I still cry about that to this day.

So you see Click of Six, don’t listen to what Fish and Steve say. I’m not heartless.

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After my Christine-ology segment, Steve and Fish came up with their own list to further proved just what a caring person I am.

  • Christine stepped up after Connie was diagnosed with cancer and helped out with the show in every way she could.
  • She volunteered to pick up trash at a local park on one of her days off.
  • She brings in treats like cookies and muffins to co-workers when they are having bad days.
  • And she gave her bouche of an ex-boyfriend a dozen chances before eventually dumping his ass.


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