University of Michigan football coach, Jim Harbaugh is known for his many accomplishments in football but now he can add a new accomplishment to the list... sort of.

Harbaugh has officially entered the game of hip-hop. He stars in a music video for the song "Who's Got It Better Than Us?" It was originally done in 2011 by the rap artist, Bailey so this is what we would call the "remix."

Baily is from the Bay Area so the original song was about the San Francisco 49ers which if you remember, Harbaugh was the head coach for the team before moving to Ann Arbor. So Bailey did a remix about the Wolverines and of course enlisted Harbaugh to appear in the music video.

You see clips of Michigan fans, players and the Michigan stadium, and of course, Harbaugh cruisin around in a yellow sports car mouthin off "who's got it better than us?"

Spartans do. We got it better.