Meet Mr. Snuggles and John Ball Zoo Director, Bert VescolaniBert brought Mr. Snuggles into the Channel 957 studio to show you and me how adorable he is and to remind pet owners what a big responsibility it is to own and care for a pet.  Mr. Snuggles was given to John Ball through the Humane Society and is now part of the petting zoo.

Bunnies are cool and so are all of the other amazing animals and sea creatures that reside at 1300 West Fulton Street.  Anyday is a great day to pile your kids into your car and head to the zoo!  A place you can visit and let others care for the animals when you're away.  Sounds like a plan to me and starting Monday (August 15), for five days, John Ball Zoo is only charging  $5 to get into their paradise of exotic animals.  That's the 5-for-5 special.

Once inside, you can take advantage of the zoo's variety of two-for-one deals!  What can you bogo?  How about a zipline ride, the ropes course and/or paddling in one of their really cool looking  swan boats in the roadside pond?  You can also buy one t-shirt and get one free.  Saving the best for last ... you can double-up on ice cream and get two cones for the price of one!

To recap, 5-for-5 begins Monday August 15th through Friday the 19th.  During your $5 visit, you can get tons of two-for-one deals including ice cream cones and zip line rides!   Let the fun begin ... can I hear a roar?

Speaking of roars, I asked Bert to share any updates on the research of their female snow leopard that died earlier this summer. Here's what they know so far: