The main takeaway from this week's episode of Just the Tip Tuesday is to ALWAYS use lube!

As much fun as intimacy can be, it's not so fun when your mind and body aren't in sync. You may be turned on but your pipes are saying something else; this is also known as genital non-concordance. And this is where lube would come into play (no sexual pun intended).

Nisha McKenzie (Grand Rapids OB/GYN) shows us the three main types of lube to choose from:

  • Water-based lube
  • Gel-based lube
  • Silicone-based lube

While silicone-based is the most preferred it really is based on your *own* preference and what works best for you and your situation. As you watch the video, you'll also find out that lube can be used for beyond sexual purposes. I like to call these #LubeHacks.

Nisha suggests that when you're with a partner, lube is incorporated into foreplay. Not only does it build up the tension but it also prevents any near-future buzzkills.

There are lots of different lubes to choose from as you can see in the picture below. Your best bet is to experiment and see you what you like! Just make sure to stay away from the Crisco oil...

Christine George/TSM