Justin Bieber drives a Fisker Karma — and he may have inadvertently delivered some actual karma to some overly aggressive paparazzi. When two paps tried chasing Biebs down Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles, they wound up crashing into each other!


TMZ reports that Biebs was either a passenger or the driver in his infamous Fisker Karma — the site has photos of the ‘Boyfriend’ singer in both seats of the vehicle — and that police noticed a Nissan following Bieber aggressively and closely. A California Highway Patrol officer pulled Bieber over for tinted windows, just to see if the Nissan would follow — which it did.

As it turned out, the Nissan was a member of Bieber’s security team, not a photographer. However, when both cars were pulled over, two vehicles belonging to paparazzi chased them and wound up losing control of their own cars, hitting each other and jumping the curb.

No one was cited at the scene, but maybe now these paparazzi will learn to (cue Chris Crocker voice) leave Bieber alone.

This wasn’t the first time Bieber has been involved in a pap chase that led to danger for himself and everyone else on the road. Back in July, Biebs was cited for driving recklessly as a result of a pap chase. Bieber filed a harassment complaint against a really aggressive paparazzo who was leading the proverbial pack of wolves for forcing him to drive that way. That photographer, Paul Raef, is due to be the first person charged under a new law that penalizes the paparazzi for driving dangerously while trying to obtain photographs of celebs for commercial purposes — but Raef is appealing the charges and citing it as a violation of freedom of the press.

While the paps really need to ease up and obey traffic laws for their own safety and  that of everyone else on the road, if Bieber doesn’t want to be chased, maybe he can snag a more inconspicuous ride in the meantime. Buckle up, everybody!

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