Joined at the mic(rophone) again are one of Channel 957's favorite duos ... Kid Rock and Sheryl Crowe!

They performed live at the CMT Music Awards last night while sitting on a couple of bar stools.  Kind of the visual you get when you think of Kid, for sure!

Speaking of the Michigan native, he announced a few days ago that he'll be rockin' out Comerica Park in Detroit on August 12th!

If you can't make that performance you may be interested in seeing the twosome during their summer tour that begins July 2nd in Cinci -- I know that you may be on the road yourself --- going to see grandma or simply taking your family to on a cross country vacation.  Wouldn't it be fun to take in one of their concerts at a quaint out-of-state venue?

Click here for a roster of all the tour dates.