Nicole Scherzinger (photo by Vladimir Rys/Getty Images)

Nicole Scherzinger was in the Kidd Kraddick studios this morning!  Scherzinger is a judge alongside Simon Cowell, LA Reid, and Paula Abdul on The X-Factor USA.  She is also the lead member of the Pussycat Dolls and has a solo album due out in August.

Scherzinger was on with Kidd Kraddick promoting her latest single featuring 50 Cent.  Click 'READ MORE' to check out the complete interview with Kidd and to watch the video for her latest single, "Right There".

This is quite the long interview, 40 minutes to be exact, so I broke it up into 4 sections with a brief description of each section.

Section 1 - Kidd and the gang go through some introductions, Kidd has Nicole give away $1000 for the 'Whatcha Talkin Bout'" contest, and Big Al makes it extremely awkward for everybody.

Section 2 - Nicole explains the drama between her and Cheryl Cole's exit from the X-Factor (click here for the story).

Section 3 - Kidd has Nicole get Ben Folds on the phone to chat for a minute, Nicole talks about her time with Eden's Crush, and Big asks "How do you compare your butt to Kim Kardashian's Butt?"

Section 4 - Nicole talks about her time on The X-Factor and Big Al continues to make things creepy.

Be sure to check out Nicole's latest single with 50 Cent below!

Nicole Scherzinger feat. 50 Cent "Right There"