As we know kids ask A LOT of questions but nothing compares to the golden question of all questions: "Where do babies come from?" Ugh. AWKWARD! What do you say? Do you tell them the truth? Do you make up some story about the stork?

Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets of Hollywood to ask that very cringe-worthy question to kids themselves. Safe to say all the kids felt a little weird when they were asked the question.

One girl says the obvious that they come from a "ladies' tummies" but another girl gets a little more descriptive when she says "the downstairs goes into the girls downstairs." She knows what's up.

Some kids were ashamed to admit that they know especially when they know their parents are the ones who make the babies. One kid was shocked and flustered and eventually admitted he saw the whole thing down on Star Wars and it looked "really gross and painful." I'm with ya kid.

But my personal favorite has to be the little girl who sings the whole time. She goes through her ABC's and then sings "Ba Ba Black Sheep" Do you think that's the answer her parents gave her? When in doubt, just sing.

Watch the video above to see all the children and their great answers.TV

When asked "where do babies come from?" what did you tell your kids OR what did your parents tell you?