This lady didn't receive a receipt for her order the previous day. According to Dunkin' Donuts policy if you don't get a receipt then you get your next order free. However, she goes a little overboard when getting her free meal.


According to the woman, the person who helped her the day before didn't give her a receipt for her order. When the woman asked about it she said that the employee treated her extremely rude and 'yatchy'. She tells the employee that she had better get her order free now or she's going to bash them all over the internet.

The man behind the counter handles it as best as he can. He seems a little confused (wouldn't you be too?) and just gives the women what she wants.

When the guy walks away to make her order though she goes on this whole rant that really just makes her sound insane. It's something about Mars and blowing up Dunkin' Donuts. Who really knows what she's saying. It seems like a ploy to get a free meal from Dunkin' Donuts. However, who really knows.