If you're back in school this week, you probably shouldn't be. According to one little girl's not-at-all suspicious, handwritten letter, the "school compnay (sic)" is "taking a brake (sic)," so you all have an extra week of vacation.

It all started when 7-year-old Cara Grimard gave her father a letter that she said "came in the mail." Not only did it arrive via the all-official postman (on a Sunday), but it also bears the stamp of Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled.

The letter states that the "school company" is giving its students an entire week of extra vacation, and it needs a student signature for validation. Of course, Cara G.'s signature looks remarkably similar to the handwriting in the rest of the letter, but don't forget, this letter came in the mail AND it has a Rapunzel stamp.

Needless to say, Cara's dad was not convinced. According to Yahoo! News, "'I kept teasing her because I was off from work also,' [her dad Terry] said. 'I was saying 'Guess what Monday is? I have to go back to work and you have to go back to school. She jokes around like she doesn't like school, but she does, she enjoys it.'"

When Cara gave her dad the letter, they both knew it was a well-timed joke. "'She kind of had a little sly grin,' Grimard said. 'She wasn’t being serious, she knew I wouldn’t buy it. It was just really cute and she's this funny character in general.'"

Since then, Grimard and his wife posted a picture of his daughter's note on Reddit, where it has received over 2.5 million views. They've since decided to keep their daughter's picture for sentimental purposes. If I had a kid that was this funny, I would, too!

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