At Rosa Parks Circle last night, it didn't matter if you were amongst friend's or by yourself, there was love and peace amongst everyone thanks to WZZM13 News and the Grand Rapids Original Swing society. Even with negativity in the news, they wanted to shine a light on the good of us as humans.They wanted to show there everyone that even though there is some negative news in the world today, we as individuals can make this place a better world.

Whether it was their best friend or a stranger they never met before, people from all over the area came to show love for each other while a 25-piece band called "Hark Up Horns," played at Rosa Parks Circle last night. There was laughing, smiling and sense of happiness, despite the negativity that surrounds us in our everyday lives. Last night proved that if we as one work together, we can make changes and our future can be as bright as we want.

Both Grand Rapid's Mayor Rosalyn Bliss and WZZM13's Juliet Dragos took time to say how huge this is for our area and how powerful people can be once differences are put aside. "This is why were here tonight to be able to support one another encourage each other," Juliet Dragos says,"and to say we might be different but were here to support and love one another." While Mayor Bliss addressed the crowd, "I want to thank WZZM for their commitment to not only covering news but also to take time to cover positive things in the community happening because of the power of the people."

Last night showed that with the power of the people almost anything is possible. Whether your an individual or a community, if we come together as one, the possibilities are endless. If you weren't able to make it to last night's event, Steve Zaagman is making an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Record for most people swing dancing in one place on July 19th (needing 1,200 people).