No doubt about it, one of the best cereals to eat, as a kid (and as an adult) is Lucky Charms because they're magically delicious! But to be honest, most of us ate Lucky Charms for the marshmallows. How many times did your mom yell at you (or now you yell at your kids) for picking out the marshmallows and leaving the rest of the cereal? Until now, as a 27-year-old adult, I still do this... and FINALLY our dreams are coming to reality!

General Mills announced that they are releasing a marshmallow-only box! Not one piece of the other stuff... JUST marshmallows!

But before you get too excited, there is a catch. Only 10 boxes are available and to be one of the "lucky" 10 you have to take a selfie! According to General Mills:

Just share a photo of yourself holding an imaginary box of Lucky Charms on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram between October 14 and 18 using #Lucky10Sweepstakes."

There's only a couple of days left so you better get to it!!

Lucky Charms also released a video of Biz Markie explaining the contest in a remix to his hit song "Just a Friend."

If you don't win, you can just go the old-school route and buy a bunch of boxes and pick out all the marshmallows.

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