Ludington is now in the Guinness Book of World Records!

House of Flavors restaurant found out on Wednesday that they set the record for the "world's longest ice cream dessert." In June, the restaurant attempted to break the previous record by setting up eight blocks of an ice cream sundae in Downtown Ludington. This brought in about 12,000 people downtown to participate, reports the Ludington Daily News.

The final measure came in at just over 905 meters or 2,970 feet! Can you imagine eating that much ice cream?!

On the Guinness World Records website it says:

This record was attempted in order to highlight the city of Ludington and its ice-cream manufacturing heritage. The House of Flavors is frequented by locals and visitors and they would like this attempt to show their pride in their city and in this local business.

If you've never been to House of Flavors its definitely worth checking out because not only do they have amazing ice cream but also delicious food!

Below is a video from the day of the event.

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