DAYUM! Yesterday, on The View, the ladies were discussing presidential candidate Ben Carson's decision to not take selfies with people anymore. Raven-Symone was voicing her opinion on the matter and how she personally doesn't like signing autographs anymore because her hands get a cramp and before she could finish her sentence, her co-host Nicolle Wallace cuts her off to ask her "are you that famous?" Uh-oh. Major shade or what?

I just want to dissect this for a quick minute. WHO IS NICOLLE WALLACE? Is it just me or did anyone know who the heck she even was before she joined The View?! Raven has been acting since she was a little girl and let's not forget that she had her own show (NAMED after her) on Disney Channel for years and possibly the coolest thing she could do is see into the future. Psh, what do you do Nicolle?!

You can check out the video below. Also here's Nicolle Wallace's Wiki page if you really don't know who she is.

In other The View news - Rosie Perez has announced that she is exiting the show to focus on her love for acting full-time. Her last day will be sometime in August. No word on who her replacement will be.