Yay obesity!

Kidding! That’s a serious issue, but we don’t have to go far to contribute to the epidemic. Funny how that works, right? It’s damn near impossible to get some good clean food at a drive thru, but you can’t go a quarter of a mile down 28th street without bumping into a place that will assist you in clogging your arties good and tight.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love fast food. It’s good, and they’ve done a great job at marketing themselves. No matter how bad you want to resist, some days it’s just impossible, and we’re all screwed when McDonald’s latest invention comes to our country.

They just released a product called McChocolate Potato, or McChoco Potato, depending on which article you read. So far the product, which is chocolate drizzled on fries, is available only in Japan, but you know it won’t be long until we’re officially dipping our fries in chocolate. I say officially because some of us (eh hmm…me) tend to already do that.