It's always an exciting day when Oreo releases a new flavor.

And, FINALLY, the Cinnamon Bun flavor is now in stores, after making the announcement back in September. The new Oreo has cinnamon-flavored cookies and a cinnamon-bun-flavored creme.


According to Refinery 29, the taste is pretty spot on.

The outer cookies are reminiscent of Cinnamon Teddy Grahams, while the creme truly does taste like a thicker, creamier version of cinnamon roll icing."

In addition, to Cinnamon Bun, Oreo is also re-releasing the Red Velvet flavor just in time for Valentine's Day. The Red Velvet was a big hit last year and as someone who is a fan of Oreo cookies... the red velvet was one of my favorites!

The Cinnamon Bun flavor is limited edition so take advantage of it while you can!

If you've ever wondered where all the flavors are made... it comes from the Oreo Wonder Vault. Check out the debut below.

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