Safe to say, this guy will be sleeping on the couch for the next coming weeks.

An Argentinian man was on vacation in Brazil with his wife and their 14-year-old son when they stopped at a gas station. The Telegraph reports that after using the bathroom, the husband returned to his car and drove off... not realizing he left his wife behind!

His wife, who had been sleeping in the back of the car, went into the shop to purchase some cookies and found her family had departed without her when she returned."

The son, too busy playing on his phone, didn't even notice that his mother wasn't in the car. It wasn't until 60 miles into the drive that the forgetful husband realized his wife wasn't with them. Obviously, he turned back around right when he realized his mistake fail.

Unfortunately for them, the woman attempted to call her husband but since he was driving through a rural area, he had no signal (of course). She ended up calling the police who let her wait at the station.


Two hours later, her husband arrived and according to police she was not very happy.

...showed exactly what she thought of the situation by kicking the car."

He's lucky, most women would do more than just kick the car. But, then again, no one knows what happened once they got home.

When or where did you forget someone or someone forget you?