Bad parents are their own special brand of douchiness. Neglectful and abusive parents are pretty much as douchey as they come. And Jesse Edwards definitely fits into all of those categories. He's a colossal douche, and therefor, my douche of the day. Why is he so douchey? Find out after the jump!

Jesse has an adorable son named Jake. Jake is two years old. Jake randomly walked into a bar by himself on Sunday afternoon, while his dad was nowhere to be found.

Now, to Jake's credit, he was able to tell the nice people at the bar in the middle of the day on a Sunday what his name was, and who his dad was. But, that was pretty much the extent of it. He was dressed in an inside-out pajama shirt, sweatpants, boots, and a diaper that his douchebag dad obviously hadn't changed in quite some time.

So, the cops tracked down Jesse Edwards, and met up with him in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart. Upon encountering Jesse, the cops quickly realized that he was under the influence of something and quickly arrested him.

Of course, high-as-a-kite douchebags aren't known for their ability to figure things out, and Jesse wasn't able to explain to the police how he and his son became separated, or how his kid ended up randomly wandering into a bar by himself.

So, Jesse's in jail and being charged with child endangerment, which isn't exactly a happy ending for the Edwards family. But what can you expect when you let your child wander around the city looking like a tiny hobo while you're off getting high and doing God knows what?