The title says it all.

Two men in Norfolk, VA stole a car outside of a post office and discovered a young boy sitting in the back seat so they drove him to school. Maybe they were carjackers with a conscious (sort of).

13 News Now says that police responded to a report of a stolen vehicle.  Investigation revealed that his mother works at the post office and left her 8-year-old child in the running car, with the keys in the ignition.

When she returned to the parking lot, she discovered both the car and her child missing."

The car was found 3 miles away from the school. The kid told police that the men asked him where he would like to be dropped off so he told them to take him to school. He was found there unharmed and thought his mother had arranged for someone else to take him to school.

The suspects are still on the run and according to Inside Edition, police are considering whether or not to charge the mother.

This woman deserves mother of the year award.