If where I live allowed dogs I would've adopted 1-year-old Annie on the spot! It was instant love and I know you will feel the same way once you meet her for yourself.

Christine George/TSM
Christine George/TSM

Annie was transferred to the Humane Society of West Michigan from a shelter in Little Rock, AK a couple weeks ago. She's a retriever mix who unlike most 1-year-old dogs is super calm, chill and looooves to cuddle!

TODAY (1/24) is Change a Pet's Life Day and there are many ways you can be a part of that:

  • Adopt an animal 
  • Foster an animal - HSWM offers foster care if you are interested in click here
  • Donate towards an animals care - Donate at hswestmi.org/donate
  • Sponsor an animal - pay for an animals adoption fee. 
  • Volunteer - There are many different volunteer opportunities at HSWM
  • Educate - Educate those in your community about animal welfare. Inform them about the importance of spaying and neutering, animals having all of their vaccines up to date, and how they can help animals in need. 

& don't forget with the cold weather to keep your dogs indoors and don't let them spend more than 20 minutes outside. Outdoor cats should have a warm area such as a garage to escape the cold temperatures. If you see an animal outside and are concerned please contact your local animal control.