MSU football coach Mel Tucker is facing a serious allegation that will most likely result in him being fired.

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Mel Tucker has been accused of Sexual harassment by a woman named Brenda Tracey.

Who Is Brenda Tracey?

Brenda Tracy is a rape survivor, registered nurse, advocate, and speaker who has made informing athletes about sexual misconduct her life's work. In 1998, she survived a brutal gang rape by four college football players. Since then, she has become a nationally known and honored advocate combatting violence and sexual assault on campuses across the country.

How Did Mel Tucker And Brenda Tracey Meet Each Other?

Mel Tucker and Brenda Tracy met each other in 2021 through a mutual connection.

Michigan State University paid Tracy $10,000 to share her personal story with the football team.

Brenda Tracey Accused Mel Tucker Of Sexual Harassment

A USA Today investigation detailed allegations that Tucker engaged in unwanted phone sex with prominent sexual assault activist and survivor Brenda Tracy in April of 2022.


Tracey in her statements to the Title IX investigator alleged that Tucker made sexual comments about her and masturbated during the phone call which made her extremely uncomfortable and reopened 25-year-old wounds from her rape by four men.

Tracey told USA Today

“The idea that someone could know me and say they understand my trauma but then re-inflict that trauma on me is so disgusting to me, it’s hard for me to even wrap my mind around it, “It’s like he sought me out just to betray me.”

In his statements to the Title IX investigator, Tucker acknowledged masturbating on the call but said Tracy grossly mischaracterized the episode. According to him, they had consensual “phone sex.”

“Ms. Tracy’s distortion of our mutually consensual and intimate relationship into allegations of sexual exploitation has really affected me, I am not proud of my judgment and I am having difficulty forgiving myself for getting into this situation, but I did not engage in misconduct by any definition.”


What Is Title IX?

Title IX is the federal law banning sex discrimination in education, and requires schools to investigate allegations of sexual harassment that took place in the context of a school program or activity.

What Happens Next?


A formal hearing to determine whether Tucker violated the school’s policy banning sexual harassment and exploitation is scheduled for Oct. 5 and 6, during the Spartans’ bye week.

Mel Tucker Should Be Fired! Regardless Of What Investigation Finds

For the record, I'm a huge Michigan State Spartan fan but this is way bigger than sports.

Credit: @tomvh via Twitter
Credit: @tomvh via Twitter

The fact that Mel Tucker invited Brenda Tracey to speak to his players on multiple occasions about sexual assault and heard her story of being brutally gang raped and then admits to engaging in "Phone Sex" with her blows my mind.

Michigan State v Ohio State
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Mel Tucker is supposed to be a leader and as a leader, he should hold himself to the highest standard.

At best he made a terrible misjudgment, at worst he did the exact thing he was telling the young men he coaches not to do and then tried to blame the victim.


MSU Interim President Teresa K. Woodruff and Director of Athletics Alan Haller updated the public on the football program at Spartan Stadium.

Michigan State University Football Head Coach Mel Tucker has been suspended by the university without pay while the investigation continues.

Harlon Barnett will now take over head coaching duties for Michigan State’s football in the interim.

Former Spartans’ head coach Mark Dantonio will serve as an associate head coach.

School officials reiterated several times throughout the press conference that the investigations is both “ongoing” and “incomplete.”

You can watch the press conference here.

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