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Vanity Fair Magazine and 60 Minutes teamed up to poll a bunch of men to find out their idea of a perfect woman, and the list of the qualities that men hate most might be surprising. Not surprising? Number one on the list of things guys hate is women who smoke.

Now, here's some good news: turns out you can curse like a sailor, drink like a fish, and own a zillion cats without turning most men off.

17% of the guys polled said that they would prefer their perfect woman to be plastic surgery free, but I suppose what they don't know won't hurt them! (I'm looking at you Botox.)

8% of men aren't huge fans of crazy cat ladies, but the same amount aren't fans of women who drink heavily, and I feel like a lot of times those things go hand in hand. ("I'm just going to stay home and drink this bottle of wine while petting Mr. Wigglesworth.")

I don't know that I agree with this whole poll, but I suppose the percentages for most things were small enough that they don't effect ALL men.